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Emergency Plumbing

You never saw it coming...or did you? You think about whether you could have prevented it, what you should or should not have done, but now it’s too late. It’s early morning and you awake to the sound of rushing water, gallons upon gallons covering your second floor and leaking down through the ceiling. So many things start going through your mind...the damage...the cost...the health issues...and how the heck you are going to find a plumber at this hour.

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What can do during a burst pipe emergency before your plumber arrives?

Whether from age, harsh winter temperatures, or some other unforeseen issue, a burst pipe can be both destructive and dangerous. While help is on the way, here are some things that you can do on your own to prevent matters from getting worse.

  • Turn off the stopcock:This is especially important if the home has been unoccupied for a significant amount of time. The water can be drained and the taps should be closed.

  • Ensure proper ventilation:Leave several windows and doors open if at all possible.

  • Turn off central heating:In addition to turning off your central heating, you may want to cut off any water heating components as well.

  • Cover the fuse box: Preventing water from making any contact from the fuse box is important for safety reasons. Additionally, never touch any wiring nearby, simply wait for your plumbing professional to arrive.

How can sump pumps prevent floods?

During inclement weather water can infiltrate your basement without you even knowing it. You run the risk of extensive damage to your property as well as irreplaceable belongings and keepsakes that will just become waterlogged memories. Mold and mildew growth can also take place after a flood has been cleared away, which has a drastic impact on your indoor air quality.

Aside from your family breathing in hazardous spores, slip and fall accidents and even electrocution can be caused by unwelcome floodwaters. This is why an efficient sump pump is far more important than you might have originally thought. The function of a sump pump is to safely redirect floodwaters out of your basement so you no longer have to worry. One piece of advice, make sure that your plumber installs a battery backup system, otherwise a power outage during a major storm will render your sump pump ineffective.

How can you prevent clogged toilet emergencies?

Clogged toilets are one of the most common problems homeowners face. People can experience fewer plumbing issues by doing multiple flushes when necessary. Using a lighter, thinner tissue can also lessen the burden. Remember, the only items meant for the toilet are human waste and bathroom tissue so discard other objects properly. It is also important to note that chemical drain cleaning products can actually do more harm than good, so if you feel like a clog is forming, contact a professional plumber right away.

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